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Wave Xtractor 4.2

It can extract RAW (WAV) data from popular file format
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WAVE Xtractor is a pretty simple and straightforward tool that lets you extract the RAW audio data from various types of sound packaging files used in the music industry, such as SoundFonts (SF2), Yamaha's TVN, UVN and UVD, and Korg's PCM, KMP, STY, PCG, PRF, and PAD files. A neat and handy Korg PA Style manager is also included.

WAVE Xtractor is quite easy-to-use. Basically, once you select a folder containing the supported music files, WAVE Xtractor will list every compatible file and the samples or sounds that it includes, letting you listen to them or extract them to RAW/WAV audio data. The sound can also be played in a loop, and the file's audio properties (sample rate, size, duration, etc.) are displayed in a panel on the right side.

Despite being a simple-to-use and neat application, WAVE Xtractor also includes a handy audio editing tool that lets you trim and cut the sound samples, add distortion and gain, remove noise or reverse the sounds.

To sum it all up, if you need a handy tool to help you open and extract data from various types of music files, then WAVE Xtractor is a perfect choice.

Margie Smeer
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  • Easy-to-use
  • Includes an audio editor
  • Playback capabilities are also included


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